A menu of our standard materials, colors, and options available on your next piece.

Materials and Colors

We currently have a variety of cabinet materials and leg colors available when customizing your next piece here at It's easy to get a design, select your materials and colors, select any available options you may prefer, and place your order!

All standard designs feature solid hardwoods with a matching veneer back, solid poplar legs painted in the color of your choice, and solid dovetailed drawers and drawer face with veneer bottom when applicable. As each piece is hand-built and made to order using solid domestic hardwoods, your piece will have the mark of the maker and variances in wood grain, color, and characteristics are to be expected.

*Our "Walnut Blend" features sappy, quarter-sawn, black, claro, and common walnuts mixed throughout.

Lacquer Finishes

All LUXE designs feature a white lacquer with semi-gloss clear lacquer finish and our Mix Match Cabinet comes with a gray lacquer and gloss clear lacquer finish. These pieces are hand-built using solid poplar hardwoods with an mdf back panel. Our new NYG Cabinet features a clear gloss lacquer finish on an oxidized walnut blend.

Any of these lacquer finishes are available on your next piece for additional costs. Send us an email at for more information.

Drawer Slides

We now use full extension drawer slides on all of our designs which include drawers. Some slides may require a little pull to open as they keep the drawer closed when not in use. If you are looking for a different drawer slide we are happy to work with you to suit your needs.

Our LUXE Sideboard and Mix Match Cabinet now feature under mount, soft close slides highlighting their matching drawers and dovetailed joinery. Ask about using these on your next piece.

Easy ways to make it Yours...

Matching Legs

Looking for walnut legs on a walnut Sideboard? Maybe cherry on cherry for your next pair of Side Tables? Easily select Matching Legs on your next piece.

Bedside Height

Looking for a taller side table to sit next to your bed each night? We offer a "Bedside Height" at 27.5"H for easy access to your table next to a taller bed.

Smaller Space?

We offer a thinner, 22" wide version of our side tables to fit smaller spaces.

Pulls + Knobs

Currently available pulls/knobs (shown above): 3" Gloss White Pull, 3" Flat Black Pull, 1.5" Polished Brass Pull, and Ceramic Peg Knob.

If your piece has doors, drawers, or both you can select one of the standard pulls or knobs we carry. Looking for something not shown? Send us an email at for more information.

Any of the above extras are easy to add on your next WFOUR Design piece. Send us an email at for more information or to get started today!