About Us

WFOUR Design is a small design + build company based in Minden, Nevada, USA.

All of our work is hand-built using solid domestic hardwoods throughout.

What began as a desire to share simple designs built using solid hardwoods mixed with fun colors has developed today in to a custom workshop building what we set out to build...pieces that are just as much yours as ours.

We want to give you the means to create a piece that is truely yours...a piece that fits your space, stores your stuff and grows with you.

Inspired by modern and mid-century design alike, all of our work is hand-built and made to order. We hand select all lumber used on every project. Add to that the variety of materials, colors, dimensions, layouts, and hardware available, no piece leaves the shop the same as the last.

Sit back, take a look around your room and think about what we can help build to hide that random pile of papers, store that collection of beta tapes, or use to showcase your favorite neon colored cacti (they still sell those, right?).

We look forward to helping you fill your space.